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Sheena Kurian

Associate Broker

Lic. # MD - 588996, DC - SP98370010

Sheena Kurian

Associate Broker

Lic. # MD - 588996, DC - SP98370010

I have been a REALTOR® since 2004 after moving on from the Information Technology (I.T.) field. I have experienced the housing industry evolution firsthand and utilize my educational history to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape, easily adapting to the latest technology and newest programs for marketing, listing, and searching for homes. 

When working with clients, I am patient and understanding. Your motivations for buying or selling are authentic to you and your situation. Regardless of your reasoning, everyone deserves the same level of attention and care. I strive to uphold honesty and integrity in everything I do, making sure to stay in communication with you at all times so you are up-to-date on the progress of your purchase or sale.  

Aside from being a REALTOR® and a resident of Prince George’s County for the last 20 years, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I relocated to Maryland from New York and have spent the majority of my life here, instantly loving this great area and everything there is to do. In my free time, I  enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family.

Give me a call today and let’s get started!

Ben and Rachel I’m writing this review from the buyer’s perspective, but being honest I don’t feel like a buyer because I didn’t have any of the hassles or stresses I was so warned about and my fiance and I thank Sheena for that. Sheena is not only extremely professional; she is prompt, knowledgeable and was an invaluable asset in our home-buying process. As first-time military home-buyers, we were faced with many requirements and extra prerequisites to meet during our process, however Sheena knew every single one and had it scheduled, marked off or a plan before I could even ask about it. She also knew what sort of budget we were working with and still went out of her way to make sure we got the best quality services for the best prices possible, I’m sure saving us quite a tidy sum throughout everything from home inspections to documentation costs. Most of all, her absolute honesty to both the sellers as well as to us as the buyers in everything from home conditions, concerns, and feasibility gave us no doubt that should I ever be in the market for anything real estate related again, I want her as a part of that process before I make any other calls. Sheena, we can’t thank you enough for helping us find our dream home and how wonderful our process was, even if this market is a little crazy. You are undoubtedly one of the best real-estate agents available and anyone retaining you should feel at ease with you in their corner. We hope you’ll stay in touch!

Debra Amos Sheena is an absolute treasure! From our initial contact about looking for a rather unique property, through the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home, and all the related negotiations, she was available without fail and was very clear in all communications. Anytime a possible property came available, she had showings scheduled immediately. When we decided to make an offer, all of her advice was right on target. In a time when it was a massive seller’s market and houses were selling for huge amounts over list price, she negotiated a decrease in our purchase price after some concerning inspections. She was present for all the inspections and went over all the results with us in detail. All of the inspectors she recommended were excellent. All in all, I thank Sheena for getting us our dream house. When it came time to sell our house, which had been a live-in fixer intended to sell for profit, she was available time and time again as we made last minute decisions about paint and final upgrades before listing. Once again, her advice was completely on point. Her photographer did amazing work as well. Through the negotiation process, she had our back and made sure we were treated fairly, despite some unusual buyer requests. In the end, she negotiated us a profit over list price and well above what we had expected. We cannot say enough about her professionalism, expertise, availability, and genuine care through the entire process. We whole-heartedly recommend her if you are looking for an agent.

Abel Baez We really enjoy working with a Professional like Sheena. From the beginning through the end, the entire process was exactly as she explained to us. Sheena knows what she is doing, we listened to every piece of advice and that was the key. We sold a house and we bought the new one exactly as we planned. If you are looking to do business with your house you need a professional, don’t wait anymore and call Sheena.

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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and the right advice and guidance is paramount. Experience and expertise matter and they can make a significant difference in making sure that you not only find the right house, but that you also pay the best price.

I not only have a thorough understanding of the marketplace but I also have access to many properties that are off-market 

and an awareness of properties that are about to be listed. Most importantly, I’m keenly aware of the nuances that determine value and I am discerning as to construction quality, materials, and craftsmanship.   I will listen to your needs and find you the perfect home and I will make sure that you make an educated and informed decision. Once you choose a property I will represent your interest vociferously throughout the purchase process, negotiating the best possible purchase price, managing and advocating for you during inspections, escrow, title, and closing. I will also advise you on how to make the house even better, including furniture and design, and possibly remodel ideas and augmentations where beneficial.


Choosing the correct real estate agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can be the difference between your home sitting on the market for months or selling quickly, for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars more. Your home is a very personal, important, and valuable asset, and it can be an emotional and complicated endeavor to sell it, especially in today’s challenging marketplace.

Numerous questions and concerns will need to be addressed, and the advice and consultation that you receive can make a tremendous difference in the results. Marketing and advertising, remodeling and/or upgrading, photography, internet exposure, staging, design, floor-plan measurements, videography, timing and presentation, inspections, pre-market exposure, agent outreach and relationships, open houses, pricing, and dozens more nuances and subtleties all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale.